January in Review

Our January started off with sickness for the entire family. Eli had the worst go of it, but after some antibiotics he is happy to report that he is now 100%!

We’ve spent the rest of the month dreaming of Spring and Summer. My boys love to play outside (me too!) and the short rainy days don’t lend themselves to much outdoor play. We took a quick trip to the city park and let the boys play and ride bikes. We’ve been watching tractor and construction movies, reading books on the couch, building with Legos and doing art. The boys are becoming great playmates and they play very well together during the day.



The boys had dentist appointments this month and they both were so brave. I do a lot of preparing them for their appointments by talking through each step and helping them to know what to expect ahead of time. Eli is comfortable with these appointments now, but Luke (being only two) is still nervous about them. Both of them did fantastic! They were patient and did such a great job being listening and following directions.

Notice Eli holding Luke’s hand to help him feel brave.

I have been working on some photo books this month. I am trying to get caught up on photos from a few years ago when Eli was a toddler, Luke was brand new and I didn’t have time to keep up with those things. It is fun to look at pictures of your sweet little babies; but also bittersweet when you realize how quickly time speeds by. I am realizing that what used to take me weeks or months to accomplish because of an older, much slower computer now goes amazingly quickly; it makes me feel so successful to complete projects that have been on my heart and shoulders for a while.

We took the boys out to breakfast at the Old Town Cafe. The food and service was great and we had a nice time getting out for a treat with our boys.

I’ve been trying to get back into a routine at the gym. I am thankful that E2 fitness is so close to our home; that makes a difference when I feel worn out at the end of the day. For now I am starting to take a few classes again; this time Functional Strength Training (FST) and some time to work out on my own.

The boys and I took a long overdue trip to the Children’s Museum in Skagit County. They sure love that place. It was a lot of fun and I wish it wasn’t such a drive.

Andy and I went on a snowshoeing date to Mt. Baker. Andy has been snowshoeing in more recent years but I don’t think I have managed to go since Eli was born. It was beautiful and I was quickly reminded that being outdoors in God’s creation brings me joy.


Andy made “pancakes supreme” for the boys and they were delighted!


This month we are sad to note that we said goodbye to another grandparent. Andy’s Grandpa Tye passed away. He will be greatly missed.

We are still in the “waiting to be matched” phase of our adoption process. We are hopeful that we may hear something soon but also are focusing on the fact that God has the entire process in His hands and that His timing is perfect.

Goodbye January! Happy February everyone!


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