Lola is our beloved golden retriever. She is turning 10 this Spring and I am feeling bitter sweet about it. We are so thankful for the years we have had with her and her health is still good, but we know that as she ages our time with her will eventually come to an end.

Lola has been our dog for 5 years and before that she belonged to some friends of our friends. She was well loved and well trained by her first owners.


Lola’s first owners were moving overseas and needed to find a new home for her; even though it was very difficult for them to say goodbye to her. At the time we were expecting our first child, Eli. Our mutual friends encouraged us to consider adopting Lola. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t think adding a dog and a baby to the family at the same time was a stellar plan. Our friends were persistent though and kept telling us what a wonderful dog she was. They encouraged us to at least call, get some information and meet her. And boy am I thankful that we did!!

Lola is such a wonderful dog! I cannot take any credit for her behavior or just how lovely she is. Much of it comes from her temperament but a lot can be credited to her previous owners.

Lola loves to be outside and she is always excited to come along on an adventure with us; be it camping, hiking, snowshoeing or out for a swim. She loves to be in the water and has been known to lay down in even the tiniest of streams.






Lola is also fantastic with our kids. She is calm and easy going. She is very patient and has NEVER once done anything to make us concerned about having her near children. She loves to be where we are and when things get too noisy for her she finds a quieter space to be. (I am trying to teach the boys to pay attention to this and take note, “If the dog is leaving the room then that is a good sign you should calm down a bit.”).


Lola learned quickly that if she hangs around these two little guys, especially when there is food involved, she may be in for a treat.

I am so thankful for her temperament and her good behavior. She rarely barks and when she does it is short and to the point, just to let me know that someone is at the door or in the alley. She waits at the door for me to wipe her feet when the weather is wet. She sits when I ask and comes when I call. She is not hyper or in your face with her breath and she doesn’t slobber. Lola has never had an accident in the house and she will even let you know she needs to go out when her tummy is upset. She is so eager to please. She loves a good walk and is well behaved while we are out. Sometimes I accidently leave her in the yard with the gate open and she wanders (it can be easier to loose track of a quiet dog than you think; especially when you have two small children) but she doesn’t ever go far, and often doesn’t even leave the yard.


I am so thankful that our friends encouraged us to adopt Lola. Having her as part of our family has been so wonderful and so worth it. We hope that she is with us for many many more years!


4 thoughts on “Lola

  1. Julie Ross

    This is such a sweet entry! I am so glad that we found a family for her that is obviously a perfect fit. She looks SO happy in every photo. Your family is beautiful and kind and active. Thanks for being such a good home for the dog that started as “my first adult-life dog”; she’s one of a kind, but so are you guys.
    Julie Ross


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