Boys Room

The boys have been asking to share a room together for some time and now that we know who we are adding to our family we need to make some changes to who sleeps where. The boys currently have their own rooms across the hall from one another, but we plan to move Luke into Eli’s room soon so that we can begin room preparations for our newest addition.

I have been thinking about the best way to design a shared space for them and here is some of my inspiration and some of the ideas I hope to incorporate to make the space functional.

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Ikea Bunks White

Above: white painted bunk bed from Ikea


Above: White painted bunk beds from ikea, under bed baskets, white and blue colors

Holly Mathis - Bunk

Above: bunk bed, rug, bedside table and shelf for upper bunk.

Since the rooms in our home are small in size I plan to have the boys share a bunkbed.

I painted the room shortly after we moved into our house, but before we had our children. The color is called Promenade by BEHR. I think it is a beautiful green color that pairs well with Navy.

Promenade by BEHR next to the off-white curtains in Eli and Luke’s room.

I am going to purchase this bunk bed from Ikea and paint it white like the first two bunk bed inspiration photos.


The boys will have matching bedding. I am thinking this sheet set from pottery barn (or something similar if I can find it for less).


They will each have down comforters and matching duvet covers. Eli already has this rugby striped duvet cover so I will purchase a matching one for Luke.

Rugby Stripe Duvet - Pottery Barn

I plan to put a shelf on the wall near the top bunk to hold an alarm clock, some books, a reading light and whatever else Eli might need near.

Luke will have a bedside table like this one from Ikea.


Their rug was purchased on sale from Target last spring.


I will be using these ikea bookshelves, laying down on their side, to make a corner bench and to add storage for toys; keeping the toys concealed in these baskets.



I hope to buy some under bed storage like this so that other toys can be tucked away.


We are lucky to have a family room in our basement with excellent built in storage so most of the boy’s toys are down there but they do like to have some things close by.

They will continue to use this dresser; but with some added functionality thanks to these organizational boxes from Ikea.




I’m still thinking about wall art and other decor. Once I have it all together I will share the results.



Callie’s Room

Now that we have shared a bit about our new little girl I want to share with you what I have been dreaming up for her room. It has been so much fun to think pink! I know that she will have her own likes and dislikes and eventually we will allow her to be a part of her room planning process but for now this is what we have in mind.

Here are some inspiration photos.

I like both the pink colors and the light blue.
Changing Table
Here I like the wall color, pale pink colors and the bunny.
Neutral Pink
The natural fiber rug, the wall color and the pale pink accents.
Those butterflies and the pale pink colors.
wall book shelves
I think those shelves are great!

Her room is already painted in a light tan color called Hopsack by Vaslpar. This color is actually used in much of our home and I like it enough to keep it for her room as well. The photos below show the same color (Hopsack) in different light, all compared to a bright white.

The floor is temporarily carpeted to hide some rough wood flooring that needs attention but I intend to remove the carpet and replace it with a more feminine rug. Perhaps like one of the following?

Cambridge Light Pink & Ivory Tufted Wool Rug, Sweet Flower Rug – Pink,  Sweet Flower Rug – Creme, Lucy Pink Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Delany Rug

I like these crib sheets in soft pink colors from Pottery Barn Kids.

Pottery Barn Crib Sheets

And here is a sample of some adorable art I found on Etsy.

Sweet Dreams, Heart ArtPastel Butterfly

I would like to incorporate some 3D butterflies like you see in the inspiration photo near the top of the post. Perhaps like these?

etsy butterflies

Maybe a few of these cute dolls will make an appearance too!

AButtonAndAStitch on Etsy

I plan to design the room with a crib for now but the rest of the furniture will remain in the same place once she is ready to move into a twin size bed, so I won’t have to make too many additional changes in the future.

I will share the result once it is all put together. I cannot wait!

Meet Our Daughter – Callie

Introducing our daughter, Callie!


We are so thrilled to announce that beautiful Callie will be joining our family late this spring!


We know that our little girl is so brave and that she captures the hearts of all that she comes in contact with. She is so loved by those who care for her and we are already in love with her too. We hear she is smart, loves to be outdoors, enjoys playing in the bath and isn’t a picky eater. At two years old, she is slightly younger than Luke, so he can still call her his ‘baby sister’. We cannot wait to learn more about her. We are delighted to add a little sister to our family and the boys are so excited to bring her home. We feel like everything we have learned about her leads us to believe that she is a perfect fit for our family!


Thank you for sharing in our excitement! We will keep you posted as the process moves along.