Meet Our Daughter – Callie

Introducing our daughter, Callie!


We are so thrilled to announce that beautiful Callie will be joining our family late this spring!


We know that our little girl is so brave and that she captures the hearts of all that she comes in contact with. She is so loved by those who care for her and we are already in love with her too. We hear she is smart, loves to be outdoors, enjoys playing in the bath and isn’t a picky eater. At two years old, she is slightly younger than Luke, so he can still call her his ‘baby sister’. We cannot wait to learn more about her. We are delighted to add a little sister to our family and the boys are so excited to bring her home. We feel like everything we have learned about her leads us to believe that she is a perfect fit for our family!


Thank you for sharing in our excitement! We will keep you posted as the process moves along.


2 thoughts on “Meet Our Daughter – Callie

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