Callie’s Room

Now that we have shared a bit about our new little girl I want to share with you what I have been dreaming up for her room. It has been so much fun to think pink! I know that she will have her own likes and dislikes and eventually we will allow her to be a part of her room planning process but for now this is what we have in mind.

Here are some inspiration photos.

I like both the pink colors and the light blue.
Changing Table
Here I like the wall color, pale pink colors and the bunny.
Neutral Pink
The natural fiber rug, the wall color and the pale pink accents.
Those butterflies and the pale pink colors.
wall book shelves
I think those shelves are great!

Her room is already painted in a light tan color called Hopsack by Vaslpar. This color is actually used in much of our home and I like it enough to keep it for her room as well. The photos below show the same color (Hopsack) in different light, all compared to a bright white.

The floor is temporarily carpeted to hide some rough wood flooring that needs attention but I intend to remove the carpet and replace it with a more feminine rug. Perhaps like one of the following?

Cambridge Light Pink & Ivory Tufted Wool Rug, Sweet Flower Rug – Pink,  Sweet Flower Rug – Creme, Lucy Pink Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Delany Rug

I like these crib sheets in soft pink colors from Pottery Barn Kids.

Pottery Barn Crib Sheets

And here is a sample of some adorable art I found on Etsy.

Sweet Dreams, Heart ArtPastel Butterfly

I would like to incorporate some 3D butterflies like you see in the inspiration photo near the top of the post. Perhaps like these?

etsy butterflies

Maybe a few of these cute dolls will make an appearance too!

AButtonAndAStitch on Etsy

I plan to design the room with a crib for now but the rest of the furniture will remain in the same place once she is ready to move into a twin size bed, so I won’t have to make too many additional changes in the future.

I will share the result once it is all put together. I cannot wait!


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