High School Sweethearts

grub tolo
High School Grub Tolo – 2002

Approximately 14 years ago Andy and I started our relationship, but we have known each other for even longer than that. I am assuming we first met when I was in 7th grade. We had originally been foes and then friends. We started dating shortly before Andy graduated in the Spring of 2002.

Andy and my older brother were good friends, so he’d been hanging around my house for several years and I was not a huge fan of him. Andy and my brother played tricks on me and teased me often so I didn’t grow fond of his visits.  As time went on, my older brother went to college. By now Andy and I were in youth group with one another and attended high school together so we saw each other regularly. We learned just how much fun we could have together and we realized that we actually enjoyed each others company. And now? We’ve been married for nearly 10 years and I wouldn’t change a thing!

And now for some pictures of us as babies…



Scott Paul Trail 007


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