April in Review



We began the month by launching our fundraising campaign to help raise funds to pay for Callie’s adoption. We were blessed by two groups, North County Christ the King and Chosen and Dearly Loved. They both partnered with Lifesong for Orphans and offered us a total of $6,500 in matching grants. With the help many of our friends and family we have already met the $6,500 in matching grants! So many of you have generously donated and we feel so blessed and loved by your kind support of our family and Callie. Thank you for partnering with us.

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In addition to raising funds for Callie’s adoption things have been moving along in the paperwork realm; bringing us closer to having her in our arms. In April, Callie was given immigration approval and a few more immigration documents were completed. Everything was compiled and sent to the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China where it was reviewed over the last two weeks. It will be picked up by a courier on Tuesday, May 3rd and then we will await the very last step of the process: Travel Approval. We expect Travel Approval may arrive late this week or next. Once we have travel approval we will have the green light to plan our trip to China and to travel to bring Callie home. We cannot wait!

We’ve been loving this extra warm spring weather! The boys and I have spent much of our time outdoors and it has been bliss.


Sunny weather means dirty boys!


Enjoying popsicles in the sunshine.

Visiting the Woodland Park Zoo


While at the zoo we fed the birds. Eli thought it was great. Luke did not!


Did you know we have a ridiculously long extension pole, used specifically to remove things that Andy gets stuck in our tree? It used to go a bit like this: Andy would get a ball stuck in the tree while playing with the boys, he’d throw something else (usually something heavy and dangerous) at said ball hoping to knock the ball out of the tree. The new item would also get stuck in the tree. And so the story would continue until it was highly dangerous to walk in our yard for fear of heavy items falling on your head and ending your life…so I sent him to Lowes. That was a few years ago, this extension pole has never been used for painting (like it is intended) but it has had plenty of use a ‘object remover’ from the tree.


We realized how spoiled we normally are when we visited the park during spring break and it was so crowded! It is really nice to have non-school aged kids and have the run of the place during weekday mornings.

We need a bigger pool.



These cute gardeners helped us prepare and plant our garden. Here they are adding compost to the strawberry patch. Once the strawberries are ripe they will have to beat Lola to them; she will eat them right off the bush. They also helped plant our garden with beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, carrots, and cilantro. We have a healthy asparagus patch too. We will add some tomatoes and peppers in May.


We’ve been meeting Eli and Luke’s cousins at an open gymnastics gym for toddler/preschool playtime on occasional Wednesday mornings. The boys have a blast and leave exhausted after 45 minutes of running, jumping, and climbing! Their favorite activities are jumping into the foam pit and jumping on the trampoline.





Sprinkler fun! (Oh and we bought a bigger pool.)


Eli had a field trip to the local fire station with his preschool.


After boys haircuts (and while Mom was getting hers) the boys headed with Dad to the Dutch Bakery for donuts!


Like father, like son.

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Our beautiful Callie. Here is she is receiving the family photo album we made for her. We cannot wait to have her in our arms in a few weeks.


Lola has found a new place to rest. On top of the daffodils. At least they aren’t in bloom anymore.


Eli had some spending money and chose to purchase a Lego Air Ambulance. He does a great job following the directions and building! We were amazed when he sat and worked on this one for 3 hours; with very minimal help.


Luke with his tractors and trucks in the sandbox.


The flowers in our yard seem extra large for this time of year thanks to all the sun and warmth we’ve had in April.


Beginning of April


End of April


Beginning of April


End of April


Beginning of April


End of April

Don’t worry about Lola, she’s just enjoying the sun.

April was a great month over all! We are so excited for May to be here because we are hopeful that we will be meeting Callie and bringing her home to join our family. We will keep you posted. Thanks for following along.