We are home and it feels so good.

We actually flew home from Hong Kong just over a week ago on May 27th. After arriving in Seattle we drove home to a warm welcome from my parents and our boys. It was so good to embrace them and to see them after being away for just over two weeks. We missed the boys terribly and it was difficult for all of us to be away from one another that long.

This week we’ve kept life simple and stayed home every day. We’ve taken a few walks around the neighborhood and visited the local park once. We have been enjoying playing in the backyard and getting used to one another.

Eli, Luke and Callie are all doing incredibly well adjusting to their new normal. We are continually impressed with each of them.

Eli is a fantastic big brother. He is eager to play with both of his siblings and to lend a hand to either of them when they need it. He comforts them if they are sad and he shares in their joy. He has also been a great help to me; he even prepared snack for himself and Luke while I was busy and later told me, “I wanted to make snack because I knew you were helping Callie and that it would make you happy.”

Luke is now in a completely new role! He has always been the younger brother and now he is a big brother, though only by a few months. He has had a few rough days stemming from this transition and being away from Andy and I for so long, but overall he is also doing very well. For the most part he and Callie play just like toddlers do, alongside each other instead of with each other, but they are getting along well. We’ve had to remind him to give gentle hugs and kisses since he likes to practically pick her up off her feet when he gives her a hug.

Callie is doing fantastic. She is happy and has a wonderful personality. She loves to play with us and her favorite place to be is outside (ours too!). We have been holding her a lot and keeping her close so that she feels safe in her new surroundings. Each day she is getting more and more comfortable and venturing just a little further from us. She is learning so much every day and adjusting very well. We are so thankful that she is now a part of our family and we feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to be her parents; what a gift!


Mowing the Lawn


Swinging at the park was a hit! She loved it!
She was given this purple tutu and it is a favorite. She wants to slip it on over whatever she is wearing for the day. 
Riding in the car. Eli loves to push her around in the car. Their favorite thing to do is to drive by the raspberry bushes for a snack. 
With Daddy