June in Review

Hey everyone!

Let’s recap June! I have been busy busy with these three lovely little kiddos! I would love to blog more and share a bit more about what our day to day is looking like, but my day to day life just doesn’t allow any time to do so. So for now we will just take a brief peek into the past month.

In all honesty this month has been hard, but really really good too and we are starting to see some of the rewards of our hard work parenting these kids through this transition as a family.

A morning trip to the City Park: Callie loves to swing! I wish you could hear her giggle, it is pure joy!
She loves to dress pretty.
Waiting with Dad for the highly anticipated Farmer’s Day Parade! Callie stayed home with me since she’d only been home a few days.
Luke watching the berry pickers.
Eli and Luke
John Deere Boys
At the Parade
Dad and Daughter
Water play on a warm day
Callie Selfie
Our sweet girl
Lego Ferry!
Callie has some spunk; this picture was taken after a long day to Seattle Children’s, and she is still SO happy!
This picture showing our yard before we lost the tree; taken in Spring of this year.
We’d lay under the tree and enjoy this view often.

Friday, June 10th at 7:30ish in the morning I was sitting on the couch drinking a chai tea latte, reading and waiting for the kids to wake up. (Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? Don’t worry this RARELY happens!) That relaxation came to a crashing halt when Lola (the dog) and I were startled silly as we heard our very large pine tree break and smash to the ground. The kids were still asleep, thankfully, so after a quick check on the monitor that they were okay I ran outside to see if the tree had caused any major damage. I was unable to see how far into the neighbors property it had gone so I called 911 (in hindsight maybe this was a bit unnecessary but I was kind of freaked out!) to ask them to send a police officer to check on my (very elderly) neighbors. Turns out the tree didn’t do any damage to the neighbors or their house! (Thank goodness!) Our fence was quite damaged, the raspberries took a hit, and the kids sandbox and slide weren’t in the best of shape but NO ONE was hurt!

We are counting our blessings and so thankful that the tree fell at a time when no one was in our yard; especially considering the fact that it landed directly on the sandbox which is occupied by some or all of my children for many hours of the day; especially in the summer. We’d had the tree inspected several times in years past by an arborist and even asked them about concerns that the tree was rotten. We were reassured that it was safe,  but the truth is that the tree trunk was completely rotten. In the area where the tree snapped there was only the layer of bark and less than an inch of good wood; the remainder of the trunk was rotten. We can’t believe the tree didn’t fall in a wind storm this past fall or winter. We are praising God that the circumstances weren’t tragic.

Crash! Goodbye Tree!
Goodbye Fence!


That is our children’s sandbox under those branches!

Rawls tree service was able to come that same afternoon to remove the tree from our yard! They had a team of 9 men and cleaned the entire tree up in 58 minutes! It was very impressive how quickly they worked and so nice to have it taken care of so our yard was safe again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                  Eli took the camera and photographed some of the damage.

After (for now) We still need to do some yard leveling, fence fixing, etc.
New Raincoat (it is a big large) and boots for Fall
Eli’s Duplo Lego firetruck creation
Trying out the food truck (Cubano Cubano) in town with Dad.
Cause more noise is just what we need… ;o)
Lola getting some medicine and fluids for a pancreas infection.
At Star Park in Ferndale
Afternoon Snack
So happy!
Bye Mom!
She loves bubbles!
Two two year olds!

I was able to get a day away with my Mom, my sister Kristin and my sister’s good friend Rachel to the Seattle area for wedding dress shopping for my sister Kristin! It was so fun to get a bit of a break and it was wonderful to share in the wedding dress excitement with my sister. She is so beautiful and she is going to make a gorgeous bride! Andy held down the fort with all three kids for the first time by himself and of course he did fantastic! They had a great day at Berthusen park; where they happened upon a tractor pull and were able to watch the model airplane club flying their planes.

Morning Snuggles with Dad
“We’re Scouts!”
Tractor Pull at Berthusen
Walk at Marine Park in Blaine
Pool Fun
Playdoh Play time

We decided to get a trampoline for our backyard so the kids have another outlet for their energy. So far it has been a lot of fun! The box it came in has even gotten quite a bit of use!

Peek a Boo in the trampoline box


Painting the trampoline box
Painting the trampoline box
Painting a goatee instead of painting the trampoline box! ;o) Good thing it is washable!

We had a lovely 4th of July weekend and we hope you did as well! Eli’s 5th birthday is right around the corner and we can hardly believe it! I will be back at the end of the month to update you on how July was. Life is a lot of fun around here but it is also a lot of work with three young kids. We are doing just about as well as can be expected but we don’t get out much and we don’t have it all together! We hope to see many more of you in the coming months; thanks for being patient with us as we navigate this new season of life with three kiddos.

Thanks for following along!


2 thoughts on “June in Review

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this happy family story. It’s so word full for me to see the nice pictures of Callie. You don’t need to tell how happy she is. Her whole body is sending joy and happiness. So happy she is adopted by your family. Thanks you for giving this really lovely girl a bright future. Big hug from me

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