July in Review

Another month is behind us already! I am having a difficult time remembering what happened this month to be honest. Thankfully I have some pictures to help.

Cultivating a reader
Fresh handpicked blueberries!

We love to pick berries together as a family each summer. We get enough to munch on and some to freeze for the winter. Some of the prices at the local berry fields are fantastic. With Callie on my back and the boys “helping” us pick we were able to go a few times this year, resulting in plenty for blueberry muffins, pancakes, scones and smoothies this year. Eli and Luke stayed up a bit later and had some S’mores as a treat. Eli then camped with Dad in the backyard and Luke got to have some special time with Mom and sleep upstairs. Luke is loving having  a new sister most of the time, but it has been a big transition for him and he was in need of some special attention.

Campout with Dad
Swinging in style.
Rocket Donuts for a treat
Rocket donuts for a treat
Sharing her donut with me.
Biking through the trails at Berthusen
Walking the trails in the rain
Homemade blueberry scones
Happy 4th of July!

Eli turned 5 this July and he asked to spend a day at the Everett Children’s Museum instead of having a party. We had a great time as a family. The kids loved it. By far their favorite area was the water play area.

Celebrating Eli’s 5th Birthday at the Everett Children’s Museum
Celebrating Eli’s 5th Birthday at La Fiamma for Dinner
Celebrating 10 years of Marriage at Drizzle
Luke “driving” a truck at the Car Show during the Raspberry Festival
Callie posing for a picture post church

We met some friends at the beach to play on a beautiful summer day this month. The weather was perfect and the kids LOVED looking under rocks for small crab, sand dollars, and other creatures. It was a lovely day.

Beach Day
At Semiahmoo Beach
Eli at the dentist for a check up

Callie didn’t fall asleep at nap one day this month and so she fell asleep hard at bedtime. Isn’t she so cute? You’ll notice that I have to put her sleep sack on backwards, otherwise she will undress herself as much as possible. She can actually unzip her sleep sack and get her feet out even with the zipper backwards.

Sleepy girl
Two cute boys with great big imaginations

This month we took Callie to a pediatric eye doctor to have an eye exam. Her UW Medicine Pediatrician recommended we do so. Going into the appointment I imagined they would find her eye sight to be normal and healthy, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Now that I am more educated on the subject and know what signs to look for it doesn’t surprise me one bit that she cannot see well and it explains many things. Her glasses are being ordered and we hope they will arrive next week. She will need to wear them 100% of the time and we are hopeful that they will help her see a great deal better. I have posted a picture from the internet below that attempts to show what her vision may be like without glasses based on her prescription. It probably isn’t totally accurate but it helps me to have a better idea of what she is facing so that I can parent her better.

Trying on the Mr. Potato Head toy glasses.
Safety goggles for fun!


Callie’s left eye has worse vision than her right eye, but as you can see both aren’t great. Without a prescription you or I would see what is shown to the right (Left and Right Eye with good vision); Callie would see something similar to what is on the left (Left and Right Eye). It is easier for her to see things at a distance (20/200) but very difficult for her to see things at a close range (20/20).

Finding out that Callie has trouble seeing was not what I expected and it was hard for me to hear; not simply because it was unexpected but because I feel so sad that she has to deal with one more thing. She has been through SOOO much in her short life so far and I feel sad that she has one more challenge. Ultimately I am incredibly thankful that there are ways we can help her with her vision and I am glad that we will be able to walk through all these challenges with her one step at at time

Twinning with Aunt Kristin
Ice cream with Dad

We are looking forward to the month of August. The Antique Tractor Show and the NW Washington Fair are big highlights for the kids, so they excitedly look forward to this time of year. We’ve had a lot of medical appointments for everyone lately and we have many more to come so we are going to work diligently to sprinkle in some intentional family fun too this month; especially because Eli begins school this Fall!! Have a wonderful August.