November, December and January in Review

It has been a few months since I have posted anything to the blog. It has been a slow few months at home but at the same time so much has happened. We have not been out of the house much due to illness (having a kindergarten student has exposed us to so much sickness this year). It is also very difficult for us to go places with my new diagnosis and subsequent inability to drive.

We spent the beginning of November staying close to home so that we wouldn’t pick up any new illnesses in order to keep Callie healthy for surgery.

Morning snuggles
After school reading on a warm(ish) November day.
She loves the kitty shirt and kitty pants!
She also loves the kitties. Here she is watching them in their natural habitat while studying from her cat book. :o)

On the 20th of November, Andy took the boys on what was originally supposed to be a special day for the boys and I in Seattle. We couldn’t figure out a way to keep Callie away from illness other than to keep her home and since I cannot drive right now, she and I stayed home to play together and the boys headed to Seattle.

Andy took Eli and Luke to the Pike Place Market, where they had donuts and later Mac and Cheese at Beecher’s. They loved spying all the tower cranes (apparently Seattle has the most of any city in the US right now). A big highlight of the day was riding on the South Lake Union Streetcar. The day culminated with the Raffi Concert at the Moore Theatre.

At Pike Place Market
Mini Donuts
Waiting for the Streetcar
Riding on the Streetcar
Looking over the balcony while waiting for the concert to begin

A few days later we were counting our blessings that everyone was healthy and heading to Seattle Children’s Hospital for Callie’s palate surgery and ear tube placement. Our experience there was really phenomenal this time and they took great care of Callie. Her surgery began early in the afternoon and lasted 5 hours! We finally got to see her at 9pm and she was sleeping peacefully. She handled everything very well.

Awaiting Surgery
Comforting Callie as she falls asleep following surgery.

We celebrated Callie’s third birthday with fun birthday decor, birthday gifts, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa and ice cream! Callie had a blast opening presents of her very own. Her favorite gift was a big book of stickers; and she went through them all by the day’s end.

Happy Birthday Callie!
Happy Birthday Callie!
Happy Birthday Callie! She could even blow out her own candles because now that her palate is closed and she can force enough air through her mouth.

In early December, a few weeks following surgery we took the family to find our Christmas tree. Grandma and Grandpa joined us on the hunt.

Christmas Tree Hunting
Grandpa and Callie
Decorating the Tree


Christmas Crafts

We were all hoping to have some snow this year since the last few years we haven’t had much (if any). So far we haven’t been disappointed. The boys love to play in the snow and Andy has been a trooper spending lots of time playing, pulling sleds and taking them sledding locally. Callie and I love the look of the snow but prefer to be inside watching.

Playing in the first snow of the season!
Eli looking like such a big kid.
Luke’s first snow experience. He is thrilled.
Snowy ride to school


We had a great Christmas celebrating together. We spent time with both sides of our family. We all had a fun time opening gifts, visiting with family and eating good food.

Merry Christmas

For each of our kids’ first Christmas’ we have purchased them their very own sleeping bag so that we can camp together in the summer. The boys got their sleeping bags when they were just babies and now that Callie is a part of our family she has one too. She has a little growing into it to do, but she seems to like it. :o)

Callie’s new sleeping bag.

Andy took the week off between Christmas and New Year so we headed to Seattle again as a family to do some exploring and to visit the Flight Museum. There was so much to see!

Seattle Flight Museum



Sleepy girl after a long day!

This January we didn’t get out much either, but we did have fun together at home.

Next Year’s Halloween Costume?
Exploring WWU on a Winter Day
This boy speaks my love language; Fixer Upper.
During the cold weather, the cat Rocky, got to join us inside. Eli has finally reached an age where he can be calm around the cats; the three year olds, not-so-much.
In Blaine at Marine Park
Winter Walk
New Glasses Frames for Callie
Xi’an Noodle after a pediatric Doctor appointment at UW Medicine in Seattle
She is so proud that she gets to use chopsticks to feed herself!

Thanks for following along!


7 thoughts on “November, December and January in Review

    1. Thanks Stephanie. In September I was diagnosed with Epilepsy after having a string of simple partial seizures this past summer. I had one seizure where I lost consciousness and so WA state law says I cannot drive for 6 months. I have about a month remaining until I can drive again.


  1. Laurie King

    Always so fun to see the Koehns and their fun adventures! The picture with Callie and the noodle and chopsticks is almost too much! Oh, and her in the graham cracker box? What a hoot she is. And, I love seeing the boys getting bigger and bigger. Ty and I just looked through a photo book when he and Eli were toddlers . .. oh the memories 🙂 Now that the snow is trying to go away, let’s find a time to get together one evening. This next week is busy of me, but maybe the following? Ethan and I are planning on the library on Thursday. Take care, Laurie


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