February in Review

February was filled with snow and not much else! It was very beautiful and quite unexpected since, as most of you know, we don’t usually get this much snow each winter. The snow was fun to play in but there were many days when it was too cold and especially too windy to enjoy it.

Having so much snow meant it was difficult to get around even for drivers, but it was impossible for me to walk around town given the size of the drifts, the amount of ice and the huge piles of snow that had been pushed onto the sidewalk by the plow. It didn’t matter too much since I didn’t have anywhere to go; school was cancelled and most places around town were closed too. So we hunkered down and played games, built with legos, baked, watched t.v. and tried to not get on either other’s nerves too much.

Heavy snowfall in our backyard
Luke out with Andy for some sledding around the neighborhood.


Our snow covered neighborhood


The boys helped clear the walkways around our house by shoveling snow into buckets; which they used to create a fort. Callie and I stayed in where it was warm.

Callie and Luke decorated some Valentine’s cookies. They had a great time and they were very messy. There were also many health codes violated. (see Luke licking his fingers below)

Valentine’s Cookies
Just chillin’ in the laundry basket.

Andy does the majority of the cooking for our family and he makes both delicious and healthy food. Here he’s made me a salad and the kids a variety of tasty foods for lunch. Later he spent time with each of the kids as they made their very own homemade pizzas. He even makes the food look beautiful.

Thanks for following along.